GT Tour Circuit du Val de Vienne

Ever since motorsport became a thing France has pursued “l’Amour de l’Automobile” with full-blooded passion and, here in Poitou-Charentes, the flame still burns as brightly as ever.

Angoulême’s annual Circuit des Remparts is a street event for classic pure racing cars. Held in September it's a chance to experience the howl of highly-stressed machinery, the tortured squeal of tyres and the intoxicating aroma of hot racing oil right on the streets. For anyone who loves cars it’s simply unmissable.

The Grand Prix Historique de Bressuire in June is another intensive street circuit with a classic start with the drivers running to leap into their beautiful cars or to jump on to their classic motorcycles.  The atmosphere is charged and it's a great day out for all ages.

Classic Cars

Around the region, there are plenty of other opportunities to tap into your inner petrolhead, starting with two permanent, fully-equipped circuits dedicated to motor-sport. The most central of these, at Le Vigeant, near L’Isle Jourdain (and not far from the Vienne/Charente boundary), is the Circuit du Val de Vienne with an annual competition season climaxing in the hugely-popular Sport et Collection weekend when 500 Ferraris descend on Le Vigeant and L'Isle-Jourdain.  The circuit also offers track days and racing lessons.

Near the Charente/Charente-Maritime border, you’ll find the Circuit de Haute Saintonge. There are actually two circuits here, the main one for car and motorcycle use, while the other is dedicated to karting - who doesn't love karting - and vehicle testing.

Fast Car

Race days are merely one facet of a much wider range of activities now offered by circuits. Hands-on events like open track-days (journées de roulage) are becoming increasingly popular,  just show up with your own vehicle, present your insurance documents and agree to abide by the circuit’s code of conduct and off you go!

You can raise your game by signing-up for competition driving instruction (stages de pilotage) or, if you simply want to find out what it can feel like when you’ve got the elusive combination of skill and experience, then you can take a taster experience (baptême), sitting alongside a professional racing driver and letting them take care of the driving. Try this and watching motor racing will never be the same again...

Classic Car

It's clear that our region of Poitou Charentes offers lots for petrol heads and spectators and here in Le Vigeant with the Val de Vienne circuit just 2 km away our bed and breakfast (chambres d'hôtes) is the perfect place to stay.  We have motor circuit guests most weekends with quite a few having a go at track days in cars and on motorcycles.

Our breakfast is becoming famous amongst race goers with our little extras like bircher muesli, walnut loaf and other goodies.

As timing is key we offer individual check-in times, any time bag drop and special early breakfast to our race minded guests.

So next time you visit the Val de Vienne circuit why not stay at La Maison au Coin?

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