La Maison au Coin bed and breakfast Le Vigeant Starter

The "table d'hôte" is an optional and regulated service offered in bed and breakfast establishments  in addition to accommodation for people who sleep on site.

Usually, the ingredients are mainly from the locality or region and the meal is taken around the same table with the owner (s). There is only one menu and the price is fixed. It is not a restaurant. This is a convivial moment, an occasion often to talk about the region, activities to do and discover nearby, etc.

Although the table d'hôte has a strong family character, it is still subject to regulations for the service of beverages, food hygiene and traceability of food served.  In order to serve alcoholic drinks with the meal a license must be obtained from the local town hall.  Most bed and breakfasts in France opt for obtaining a License II - Small Restaurant License.  This allows the sale of beers and wines including fortified wines but not including spirits.

La Maison au Coin has a License II and operates according to the rules and regulations.  However, some menu options are now allowed where a person has special dietary needs so please let us know if this is the case.

Our dinner consists of four courses and includes starter, main course, cheese plate and desert. An aperitif, wines and beers and soft drinks are included in the price of €19 as is coffee or tea.

The menu is usually available one or two days before.